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In most organizations, things center around technology, processes or key figures. But it’s the people that fill all this with life, so it’s the people that should be the focus. 

In business coaching, harmony between person and job takes center stage. Any coaching with HMC coaches is therefore highly individual, and encompasses various focal topics, such as professional development, beginning/ending a career, conflicts in the workplace and much more. The coaching hereby aims to develop and encourage the coachee’s (client’s) professional self-realization potential. Our perception of people falls under humanistic psychology, which sees humans as responsible, self-reflective beings that strive for self-development, self-realization and growth. 

The most important element of business coaching is dialogue. As the client, you are the expert on your professional field as well as your life. This means that you and your concerns are the focus, and we will use our sessions to help you find a solution for yourself that suits you. 

People often underestimate how much work the coachee has to do in business coaching. 

Unlike consultants, the coach does not provide you with any recommendations or possible action plans. In HMC coaching, we presume that you already have the solution within you but just haven’t discovered it yet. 

With the help of your HMC coach, you can work through your concerns at your own speed, and develop your own individual solutions or solution strategies together. Business coaching at HMC is expressly not just aimed at management, but anyone that would like to tackle the issues impacting them throughout their everyday work.  

HMC offers business coaching for companies and individuals. Depending on availability and interest, coaching can take place on site, at our practice in Schleswig-Holstein or online. 

Feel free to get in touch so we can establish the right approach to suit you as an individual. 

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