No. 20: Trust – The Most Important yet Invisible Currency

When speaking to organizations, the discussion centers all too often around KPIs, performance, increasing EBIT and other objective matters - sometimes almost exclusively. When the pressure is on, or it feels like it is, focus zeros in on achieving targets. As Change...

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No. 17: Trail & Error Don’t Hurt

One area that will seemingly never be irrelevant in organizations is error culture, or error management, which are often used synonymously¹. On one hand, you can now find information en masse about this topic, and plenty of intelligent studies and guides on how to...

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No. 13: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

If you’ve seen the American comedy show Modern Family, you’ll have heard this phrase before. Phil Dunphy uses the phrase “slow is smooth and smooth is fast” in those moments when he’s trying to get his family of 5 from A to B through seemingly difficult situations....

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