Benefit from our exclusive Chief Transformation Officer Services

The Chief Transformation Officer Services (CTO) business unit gives you exceptional and exclusive access to tailor-made support for the realisation of your entrepreneurial goals!

Make the transformation a genuine in-house solution so that your managers and employees do not hand over responsibility for its success to external consulting teams.

  • Responsibility,
  • commitment,
  • decision-making authority,
  • identification and cross-divisional teamwork

are fundamental to the professional realisation of the goals set.

As your CTO, I work as your manager in your company with your internal and external transformation teams in a cross-functional and interdisciplinary manner.

When we work together I become the fulcrum of trust for all constituencies: for managers and employees, the works council, external service providers and the C-suite. This is the first and all-encompassing, decisive factor.

With a small internal CTO team, impressive added value is created in complex transformation programmes that go beyond the current assignment: expertise, skills and people are further developed with the highest level of shared  ideas and new network intelligences. This is retained for further challenges; an invaluable asset for the future!

What do I bring to your team as your CTO?

Together we are the first pioneers & innovators. I will enhance your management team’s skills as an “outside the box” thinker and initiator, as a leader, manager, motivator, moderator, consultant, conflict manager and even, at times, the “pastor” with an open ear for individual issues.

Sounds complex or even impossible?

No, what you need are decades of exceptional experience and skills that have been repeatedly honed, trained and proven to be successful.

Please take a look at the “About me” section and LinkedIn. You will see that I have strived to acquire this expertise and experience in over 34 years in the profession!

Take advantage of this and let’s “schnacken” ( Schleswig-Holsteinese for chat) about your challenges!