Blog No. 42 – About the Problem Spiral 

Who isn’t familiar with this: You want to change something in the team or company and discuss it in a large group first, and you hear sentences such as:  Sentences such as these not only make life difficult for people who are creative enough to develop new ideas and...

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Blog No. 41 – Of Theorists and Practitioners

A few years ago, I visited an event that was organized by the local university together with a project management association. An economics professor and his doctoral student presented a self-designed tool that was intended to simplify the anonymous evaluation of...

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Blog No. 36 – With that New, Good Energy!

We often hear that more motivation is needed. Dissatisfaction rules, because it seems as if the same thing happens over and over again. The umpteenth reorganization, the umpteenth performance optimization, the umpteenth... If you look for your personal thing, it’s...

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Blog No. 35 – About Champions or: Championships!

Do you strive for perfection? “Perfect” is sometimes heard in conversations. It is generally an expression about something that has worked very well. But is perfection really an aim to strive for? Time and again we see how striving for something perfect can get out of...

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Blog No. 34 – At the Beginning There Is a Question

Imagine the following situation: You are in the stone age with the “hunter gatherers”. You have a safe cave, and even fire already, the hunting grounds are still OK, even if things are not as they once were. Berries and fruit also grow here, however a fire has...

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