Transformation Solutions

Profit from our unique Transformation Solutions

In the Transformation Solutions business area, you receive exceptional selected and unique support, which you can rely on to bring your extraordinary and multidimensional key challenges to a successful conclusion.

I work with you on the following topics in the Transformation Solutions business area:

Support for Strategy and Concept Development, with exclusive Future Pacing workshops on request
Individual partner for Executive Sparring sessions for top management and supervisory boards

Technology transformations, e.g. Digital, ERP, AI transformations


Exclusive, unique Transformation and Change events or workshops

Growth, Reorganisation and Restructuring transformations

Efficiency programmes and selected multidimensional change topics

You engage an exceptionally experienced Chief Transformation Officer for your selected challenges, who works with you, your managers and staff to drive forward a fundamental and decisive solution process. Please read more about my 34 years of experience and my unique skills and expertise in the CTO Services and About me sections. I will work with you to develop answers to your individual questions!

My cross-industry expertise is applied to your projects in a methodical and goal-orientated way so that managers, teams, processes and technologies are seamlessly integrated.

In the case of longer programme or project support, the interdisciplinary line and project teams are launched on their new journey during the conception phase.

In the case of larger transformation programmes, I first develop an operational change concept together with management members and the teams involved.

In this practice-orientated concept, the keys to success are defined and it is then determined how they are to be achieved. In practice, it has proven successful for me to be involved as early as the conceptualisation phase.

In this way, the keys to success for implementation can be specifically included right from the start and the handover from “strategy” to “operational implementation” can be smoothly completed.

During the subsequent implementation, your managers and teams, as well as the internal and external project members, are actively supported by me in the selected and clearly defined key topics.

Thus important milestones are effectively completed for the company’s future in the short term and a fundamental contribution to the overall success of the company is ensured in the long term.