Leading Transformation – Go beyond!

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Every challenging transformation takes managers and employees into new worlds. It is a start of a journey that places the highest demands on their expertise, professionalism, commitment and social leadership skills. Transformation requires exceptional leadership in order to combine operational continuity and success with entrepreneurial excellence.

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In every complex transformation, special multidimensional technical and non-technical key challenges emerge. These special issues require unique solutions that successfully link these dimensions in a new way. So that important milestones for the company’s future are effectively completed in the short term and a fundamental contribution to the overall success of the company is ensured in the long term.

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During transformations, managers and employees are required to perform at the highest level and demonstrate exceptional skills. In-depth and specialised knowledge, extraordinary support networks, physical and mental resilience are the consummate qualities that are needed on the path to the new age: Let blogs and podcasts inspire you.

Leading Transformation – Go beyond!


All major national and international companies prioritise pioneering, future-oriented and sustainable development. Targeted transformations are the essential foundation for reinventing oneself and the company time and again, adapting and methodically and systematically achieving the new optimum.

Expanding the company’s very own, authentic brand (USP – Unique Selling Proposition), using forward-looking, digital technologies, integrating new process-related excellence and breaking new cultural, team-orientated ground:  These are concrete fields of action and measures that need to be tackled and implemented with technical and non-technical precision. Complex challenges require multi-dimensional approaches and implementation activities.

Please feel free to contact me for a  “Klönschnack” (chat), as we say in Schleswig-Holstein. I will be happy to support you with your company-specific challenges, be it as Chief Transformation Officer or in selected topics as programme or project manager.

Think: What do you need to go beyond?


A personal word!


Transformation has been a fundamental part of my life. In my twenties, important life decisions led to the start of a unique transformation journey that took me from banker to manager and from manager to very specialised consultant. My personal maxim, “Better than Ever”, has always motivated me to move forward.

The sportsman in me has always driven me to achieve these ambitious goals, to reach the next level; the pioneer and innovator in me have always dared to take the next step! My heartfelt thanks go to all the people who have helped me, with their experiences, feedback and targeted support, to develop these latent better versions of myself.

In the corporate context, transformations are no different! In every company, and in my experience there is no exception, there are opportunities, skills and development potential lying dormant. These help to achieve what is really possible, and that is often more than a rational mind could ever grasp.

Would you like to find out more about my guiding principle “Leading Transformation – Go beyond”? Take a look at LinkedIn or in the Discover Transformation Insights tab, where you can read and hear more.

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