We often hear that more motivation is needed. Dissatisfaction rules, because it seems as if the same thing happens over and over again. The umpteenth reorganization, the umpteenth performance optimization, the umpteenth… If you look for your personal thing, it’s very likely that you will also find it.  

There are always lots of reasons to approach things from a new angle. Let’s take a simple and well known example. The reason: Good New Year’s Resolutions, for example: “Lose weight”. Motivation: “New Year! Now.” Backed by the practical consideration: “Try the latest dieting technique, or use the same one as last time?” And the emotional aspect: “But now I will really do it!” 

And from this it quickly becomes clear that you always have 4 dimensions that you should consider before you start projects: 


1. Dimension - Reason: You need the proper reason, not just any old one!


2. Dimension - Motivation: You need the proper motivation, not just any old kind!


3. Dimension - Practical: You need the proper technique that is suitable for you!


4. Dimension - Emotional: You need the proper will-power!

Sounds simple, but it isn’t. We consciously avoided researching how many started diets are actually successful.  

The point is intensive consideration of all the success factors, regardless of whether it’s a private diet phase or project phases.  

A new impetus can only result from the sum of all dimensions, in our experience, and of course, the complexity increases with the size of your desired projects and programs. 

The irony of it: You can read as many good books and blogs as you like, but it remains highly-individual and it always requires your own solution.  

And essentially, it also starts with a single question: “Do you really want it?”