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Change Management

The supreme discipline in requested change processes are the transformation programmes and large overarching projects. People and organizations are facing enormous challenges and major exertions during these times.

HMC Hennschen Management Consulting is an independent consultancy company, which has precisely specialized in these demanding and complex challenges. Michael Hennschen, founder and Chief Executive Officer of HMC, has developed a special “4-dimension” approach in the last thirty years, which has been tried and tested in many programs and projects. It concerns a holistic, cause- and solution-oriented approach, which combines the important specialist and non-specialist worlds. This cross-industry expertise is used methodically and target-oriented in your projects in order for executives, teams, processes and technology to go “hand-in-hand” (More about the HMC methodology can be found here).

In the case of program or project support by HMC Change Managers, the interdisciplinary line and project teams are already taken on a new journey in the conception phase.

In the case of larger transformation programs, HMC first develops an operational change concept together with the management members and the teams. This defines the keys to success and how they are to be achieved. Our change managers often work together with other external consultants on an interdisciplinary basis. In practice, it has proven successful to involve the HMC Change Managers already in the conception phase. This way, the keys to success for the implementation can be specifically included from the beginning and the elementary handover from “strategy” to “operational implementation” can be ensured.

Your executives, teams as well as the internal and external project members are actively supported during the implementation so that your aims are effectively and efficiently implemented from the start until the end.

The Change Managers of HMC cooperate with you on transformation programs as well as cross-cutting projects in the following areas:


Organizational and cultural development


Strategy and concept creation


Active change and transformation management


Transformation training


Team development and teambuilding


Top management development


Executive Sparring


Keynote Speaker for Change Management


Special trainings in Eckernförde, Germany

Extra: For international projects


In the international projects there are much higher demands for effective solutions through the size, scope and range.

Organizations and people from various cultural business worlds are integrated under the central management umbrella of the parent company. The significant increases in the organizational, procedural as well as intercultural interfaces should therefore be integrated into the development of the solutions.

HMC has developed a tried and tested procedure model for this purpose that also fully includes this dimension and promotes the international motivation and cooperation from the start.

By the specific coaching and training of individuals and groups in the close connection with the specialist worlds, the corporate culture is analyzed from various perspectives.

And thus, strengthened for new challenges in the change: albeit in diversity training for executives and intercultural teams or also e.g. in individual coaching, which concentrate on speaking in a foreign language or dealing with international colleagues.

Language, dialogue and openness are the important foundation for the cooperation in international transformations. HMC offers you various keys to success in the field of corporate culture for this purpose.

The Change Managers of HMC additionally cooperate with you in the following areas in the international context:


Organizational Culture Management


Training of intercultural competences & communication


International team training & team building


Intercultural coaching


Diversity & Inclusion


In English, Spanish, German

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