In blog  no. 9 (part 1), we took a look at very serious and demanding situations that can unfortunately crop up in any organization in one form or another. As so often in life, it would be ideal to nip these developments in the bud so things can be nudged back into a positive direction.  

Sadly, this isn’t always possible. In blog no. 9, we laid out two fundamentally possible reactions. The first follows the well-known phrase: love it – change it – or leave it. It’s clear that nobody can love the crazy in an organization. As the “leave it” option speaks for itself, let’s take a look at the third possibility. What could “change it” specifically mean in a situation like this?  

Let’s use option b) from blog no. 9. Follow the golden rule. “Always work with the crazy, not against it!” In this spirit, you can deduce important, new and internal framework parameters before we can even begin to think of any kind of visible change let alone actively take new action.  

Accept, accept, accept! Why accept three times? Working with people in organizations, it always becomes clear that this is one of the most difficult personal challenges. It’s a matter of constantly being at odds with current developments and the current situation. And this is the case at all levels, from team members to managers right up to top management. A mutual understanding of the current situation can then manifest, making any kind of new movements and new opportunities impossible. Real acceptance, on the other hand, leads to something significant: after true and full inner acceptance, you can truly relax. Full inner acceptance is the prerequisite for beginning to break patterns in these situations, so you can accept the perceived crazy in the organization as a current aspect of your life (which doesn’t mean forcing yourself to approve of what’s happening around you, there is a fundamental difference!).  

Distance, distance, distance! Why distance three times? Make it clear that you are part of the perceived crazy yourself, both physically and mentally in the center of the crazy system. The physical component can’t be changed unless you go for the “leave it” option. But you can do something very significant regarding the psychological component: namely, work on removing yourself from the admittedly sometimes very negative force mentally, or creating a mental shield. Please note the order! You first need the “acceptance” process before you can enter the process of healthy distance.  

Find allies! Work out for yourself what the 3 to 5 most important framework parameters are that led to this perceived crazy in your organization and that have at this point probably manifested. Now find like-minded people! And this is another process where you’ll need patience and tenacity. The good news is that when you’ve found “acceptance” and “distance”, you’ll automatically draw others in step by step. It’s the only chance of successfully working with your organization’s crazy. This is the living antipsychotic or antidepressant, if you like, so that new and healthy energy can be generated.  


©Ivelin Radkov