No. 17: Trail & Error Don’t Hurt

One area that will seemingly never be irrelevant in organizations is error culture, or error management, which are often used synonymously¹. On one hand, you can now find information en masse about this topic, and plenty of intelligent studies and guides on how to...

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No. 13: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

If you’ve seen the American comedy show Modern Family, you’ll have heard this phrase before. Phil Dunphy uses the phrase “slow is smooth and smooth is fast” in those moments when he’s trying to get his family of 5 from A to B through seemingly difficult situations....

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No. 11: On new frames of mind: more quality instead of roles! 

Sound familiar? A project is due to begin and the conversation turns to who should take on which “project role”. And then you’re in the middle of that classic process, moving roles around and approaching the usual suspects. If the project or program is a career maker,...

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No. 10: Work with the crazy, not against it…(Part 2) 

In blog  no. 9 (part 1), we took a look at very serious and demanding situations that can unfortunately crop up in any organization in one form or another. As so often in life, it would be ideal to nip these developments in the bud so things can be nudged back into a...

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