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No. 4: Is the trend your friend?

The article ‘Vattenfall splits wind business’¹ shows that the next wave of ‘decentralization’ or ‘lean management’ has arrived in various organizations.  With E.ON, RWE and Metro, other prominent representatives have got onboard.  What they all have in common is that...

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No. 3: A person remains human!

‘12 THEORIES ABOUT MANAGEMENT IN THE DIGITAL AGE- what management 4.0 should be capable of’ is an article¹ that describes 12 issues for the management of today.  It contains interesting ideas that concisely encompass some aspects of management.  As a manager, do you...

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No. 2: The doctrine of dogmatic category management…

Current discussions around so-called trend topics such as agile organisations or agile methods unfortunately repeatedly point out typical undesirable developments in some respects. The fundamentals that are hidden in the approaches are sold as a „new miracle cure“....

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No. 1: Out of the tunnel?!

The article ‘Buried under projects’¹ describes some very interesting aspects of the day to day work of our organization. The questions that often arise in a discussion about the current situation of management and staff are: When did we start to feel like we go from...

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