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Blog No. 35 – About Champions or: Championships!

Do you strive for perfection? “Perfect” is sometimes heard in conversations. It is generally an expression about something that has worked very well. But is perfection really an aim to strive for? Time and again we see how striving for something perfect can get out of...

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Blog No. 34 – At the Beginning There Is a Question

Imagine the following situation: You are in the stone age with the “hunter gatherers”. You have a safe cave, and even fire already, the hunting grounds are still OK, even if things are not as they once were. Berries and fruit also grow here, however a fire has...

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Blog No. 33 – Business Culture: A Question of Money?

Several years ago now, a manager said to me: “...culture is just a question of time and money. There is a foundation behind our company that has previously excluded certain sectors from our services, for example armies and weapons companies. Now that we have major...

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No. 27: Emotions in Business

“Can we please take a fact-based approach to the subject?”  We’ve all heard those words. Mostly used by a male colleague and usually regarding a female colleague. This statement can mean different things. Sometimes the speaker wants the issue to be discussed in a less...

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No. 26: About dealing with Chaos

This essay was written as an internal assignment of HMC and thus does not follow the classic HMC blog article format. Nevertheless, we would like to share our thoughts on this topic with you and hope that it will serve as an inspiration for you to go beyond that and...

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